Dad, We Are Going to Win!

Dad loved football. He loved telling football stories from his childhood and he was so proud of my brother Deak, he loved telling his football stories as well. In Episode 14 titled “Free From Fear” of the Relational Grace Podcast dad tells to story of the Bishop McGuiness vs Millwood game back in 1984. It was my brother’s senior year of high school and his stats in that game are basically “video game” stats, meaning they were so crazy high they could have only been created on a video game.

This article that I have included in this post always cracked me up. Instead of a photo from the game they went as far as to make a custom illustration of my brother in #22 eating a Millwood Falcon. I love the quote from my brother Deak below… totally my dad’s son!

Getting 1,000 yards was a personal goal, but I guess the first goal is to use my God-given talent to try and glorify God’s name when I am out there as an athlete.”

Maybe dad (Pastor Harris) inflated the stats a bit, my brother only had four touchdowns and not five that day but I think he proved his point. As we learned in episode 14, “Free From Fear”, if you have rational thoughts and believe, there is no need to let fear creep into your life. My brother had a good idea as to why he could beat the Falcons that night and he did not fear.

Be sure to check out Episode #14 Free From Here on Apple Podcast or wherever you listen.

You can also simply click here.

I can also add that this is a great example of using your “Positive Words”, another great message shared in Episode #11 “The Power of Positive Words”.

Full article below.

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