Nehemiah Series

We hope that everyone that is listening to the Nehemiah series has thoroughly enjoyed the series as much as we did producing it. In an effort to help continue everyones learning experience we have created this blog post to share various aspects of this teaching series. Below you will find the following.

  • Photos of the various locations mentioned. Keep in mind that Jerusalem changed a great deal over the centuries so hopefully this will give you a general idea of the areas Pastor Harris references.
  • We have prepared a guide to the various types and shadows mentioned in this series. In this guide we share the physical element and point out the representation it plays in terms of types and shadows.
  • Other helpful materials will be shared like maps and diagrams that can give everyone a better understanding as to what Pastor Harris describes in his teachings.

The Walls and Gates of Jerusalem

Below are just a few photos from dad’s trips to Jerusalem. This shows some examples of the types of walls that were needing to be rebuilt. This slaps shows some of the gates in their current state in Jerusalem.

Guide to Nehemiah’s Types and Shadows

Now if you don’t like spoilers to Pastor Harris’s teachings you better skip this section. However, if you have listen to this series and would like a quick review, here you go. Pastor Harris teaches through the many types and shadows found in biblical studies. Below are several mentioned throughout the Nehemiah Series.

  • The Walls of Jerusalem – God’s protection
  • Crumbled Walls – The devastation in our lives, sin, hurt, etc.
  • Nehemiah – The Holy Spirit
  • King Artaxerxes – God the Father
  • Sanballat and Tobia – Satan (Principalities and powers and rulers of darkness)
  • King Artazerzes Soldiers – Warrior Angels
  • The Valley Gate – The Gate of Divine Forgiveness (The theological term for divine forgiveness is Justification.)
  • The Dung Gate – The Gate of Human Confession and Forgiveness
  • The Flowing Water – Living water of the Lord Jesus Christ
  • The Serpents Well – Water of Salvation
  • The Kings Pool (water reservoir) – Our hearts
  • The Beast Nehemiah Rides to the Kings Pool – Our sinful natures

Diagrams of the Waterworks of the City of Jerusalem

As described in episode 8 of the Nehemiah series, water is extremely important to the city of Jerusalem. Below is a diagram showing the various tunnels and shafts that were dug to keep water flowing inside the protective walls of Jerusalem.

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