Podcast Series: Six Steps to the Throne

The Model of Solomon’s Thrown

While listening to Pastor Harris’s teaching on the Six Steps to the Throne we realized quickly that there were some key visuals we were going to need to share. The first is that of the thrown of Solomon and it’s six beautiful steps described by Pastor Harris in our third podcast episode kicking of the Six Steps to the Throne series.

Pastor Harris loved teaching with these temples as visual aids.

The Circle Diagrams

The second, which is a series of visual you will need, are Pastor Harris’s “circle diagrams”. Pastor Harris used these for many years in his teachings and references them quite frequently. In fact, we hope to produce new and improved circle diagrams avaiable for download and sharing in the future as we believe they are outstanding and yet simplistic visuals of an otherwise very difficult concept to teach.

The Circle Diagrams

Pastor Harris has been teaching about his circles for quite some time. This photo was taken prior to 2000 when on this Sunday morning he chose to use human visuals to prove his point. Later he simply used graphics on the screen.

A Special Thank You

We would like to give a special thank you to Buddy Ellis who worked with Pastor Harris tirelessly to build detailed models used for teachings at Ariel Chapel for many years. These were so special to Ariel Chapel and all that learned from them.

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